Element E-Liquid


Element E-Liquid


80 VG / 20 PG (0MG, 3MG, & 6MG)

50 VG / 50 PG (12 MG & 18MG)

$19.99  60 mL

  • Tobacco - Our take on a classic—a bountiful harvest of smooth tobacco flavor makes an ideal alternative to traditional tobacco use.

  • Honey Roasted Tobacco - Soothe your self-indulgence mood with a balanced swirl of rich tobacco flavor draped over delicious notes of nutty caramel and velvety vanilla. This luxurious, full-bodied blend delivers a unique vaping experience.

  • 555 Tobacco - Sit back as 555’s nutty flavors weave over your tastebuds to create a masterful tapestry of tobacco. A rich base promotes 555’s rich tobacco base promotes warmer notes of hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts lightly bathed in caramel and vanilla.

  • Kiwi Redberry - Pleasantly blended to create a superb blend of ripe fruit flavors is what you can expect from our Kiwi Redberry. This rich infusion is loaded with notes of mature red berries and refreshing kiwi steeped in a creamy base.

  • Pink Lemonade - Zingy lemonade blend with just the right amount of red fruit. A slight tang on the tongue gives way to a smooth citrus exhale.

  • Pink Lemonade + Pink Grapefruit - A revitalizing stir of our world-renowned Pink Lemonade and our refreshing newcomer Pink Grapefruit.

  • Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry - Bold, bright flavors of pink grapefruit, balanced by sweet blueberries and luscious creamy notes.

  • Pomegranate - A refreshing blend of ruby red pomegranate blended superbly with vibrant burst of cranberry and hints of creamy notes. This fragrant blend is packed with bright flavor creating a lush fruity infusion destined to be your daily vape.

  • Fresh Squeeze - We’ve peeled back the secrets of creating natural, freshly squeezed orange flavor in this sweet and tangy citrus blend. (Labeled Tangerine in 12 MG & 18 MG)

  • Fresh Squeeze + Crema - A rendezvous of invigorating Fresh Squeeze and rich velvety Crema.

  • Frost - Shake your senses with our gratifying menthol blend! Frost is a mildly sweet and chilling menthol experience.

  • Watermelon Chill - The refreshing sweetness of watermelon meets the smooth chill of mint. This mouthwatering combination of juicy fruit with refreshing mint is the perfect remedy to beat the heat.

  • Key Lime Cookie - Melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookies brightened with the sweet yet tangy citrus flavor of world famous Floridian Key Limes.

  • Banana Nut - Rich banana nut bread infused with caramel. The aroma of freshly baked banana nut bread will make your taste buds swoon—savor the nutty caramel and ripe bananas.

  • Crema - Eclairs, cake rolls, tiramisu—it’s that sweet cream filling that makes treats delicious. Treat yourself to that delicious, delicate flavor in a vapor. (Labeled Vanilla in 12 MG & 18 MG)

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